About us

Based in the heart of Nashville’s historic downtown, Hawkins Partners (HPI) provides professional service in landscape architecture, planning, urban design and environmental graphics.

The fundamentals of our practice entail crafting thoughtful site designs that reveal the sense of place unique to each commission. With a focus on long-term sustainability, we provide site solutions that satisfy the client’s needs while strengthening the relationship between cultural, social and natural systems.

Hawkins Partners, Inc. has been connecting people to community for over two decades. We can help you realize your vision, providing the expertise to make it reality.

Recognizing the relationship between humans and nature, Hawkins Partners believes that landscape architecture is more than simply applying the principles of planning and design. Additionally, HPI understands that every place has a story to tell and that every design should enrich the human experience.


HPI approaches each project with a respect for the unique qualities found in every site, and an understanding of the natural and cultural processes that inform and shape those sites. Site sustainability is of utmost importance in our design philosophy, working with natural systems to ensure that any development is part of an integral site experience. Through detailed inventory and analysis, HPI allows the site itself to guide design.

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